Everyone wants to get the topmost decorators to help them bring their vision to life. You want someone who is experienced, imaginative and most of all, qualified. Some are a notch higher than others in this field. Here is a list of some of the best in the field.

  1. Decorill- They are educated in fine arts, giving them an edge in the field because of their unique style that blends the urban and traditional. They strives to make any project he works on personal, exhibiting the client’s own style. Decorill have been designing since 1999.
  2. Frank Ponterio- His experience designing business and residential properties spans over 20 years. He also restores historical property. Ponterio is an award-winning designer, with a furniture line to his name.
  3. Jessica Lagrange- She started her company in 1998. Her style oozes luxury and grandeur. Her spaces are vibrant, peaceful and understated.
  4. Stephanie Wohler- She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) with over 25 years of experience. She brings in a blend of contemporary and traditional, infusing color, patterns and texture in her designs. She makes every space as personal to the client as possible
  5. Summer Thornton-She is a traditional designer who pays homage to the modern style of decorating. She uses strong color to make her spaces unique. Summer ensures that none of her works look alike. Her style directly reflects that of her clients.
  6. Anthony Parker- He has been in the business since 1983, offering luxury design services. He has designed restaurants, yachts, and airplanes. He uses texture and color to make a space stand out.
  7. Marshall Erb- He has designed homes and offices since 1998. He has a degree in architecture, using his knowledge of furniture, antiques, and textiles in his projects. His creations are luxurious and comfortable.
  8. Kaufman Segal- His focus is on traditional interior designs. David Kaufman and Tom Segal have been in the business since 1995. They have won several awards, with several of their works being featured on television.
  9. M. Grace Sielaff- She is the founder of M Grace Designs. Her style is traditional reflecting modern living that is simple and glamorous. She loves to add exciting colors to her rooms.
  10. Erica Lugbill- Lugbill design works on projects ranging from full renovations to décor overhauls. They blend form and function, striving for comfort and luxury, whilst reflecting the client’s personal style.

There are plenty more designers in the area, but these are our best picks. In case you are in need of any further guidance, get in touch with our team.


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