It doesn’t matter if one lives in a city home or a farm cottage, we all want our abodes to look as beautiful as they can be. However, knowing the proper way to decorate might not be as simple as it sounds and going into it haphazardly might cost you a lot in the end. This shouldn’t deter you as we have come up with a few to tips to guide you on which way to go.

  1. Get to know your style- The first step is to figure out which styles and looks work best for you. In case you have no idea on the different types of décor, you can get ideas from design and home magazines, visiting show houses, going to stores and looking at different fabrics and colors, or from watching shows that deal with interior design.
  2. Figure out which rooms you want to pay attention to- List the spaces that you are hoping to spruce up and according to priority and then come up with a plan for each. This is because how the bedroom will be decorated, is probably not the same way the kitchen will be approached.
  3. Pick a color palette- This is a crucial part of the overall look, and even though one might be thinking of bringing in different aspects of style into each room, it helps to have a common hue that blends everything together. As you pick the color however, keep the dimensions of the rooms in mind so that you can go with what’s best for, say, a small space.
  4. Avoid pushing all the furniture to the wall-Creating a “floating” looks helps to make the room look more welcoming. Additionally, this brings in breathing space.
  5. Furnishings- This is a huge part when it comes to décor, as even though they help tie everything together, they can be quite the investment. With that being said, pick out some pieces that are central and you’ll spend on, and then maybe save and get cheaper ones for the rest.
  6. Lighting is important- Well placed lighting can be used to add to the beauty of the house, so make sure that this is well thought out. It can also be a way to show off your personality with statement lamps and other forms of lighting.
  7. Less is more- It might be tempting to fit in a lot of things as you decorate, however, remember that having too many items will only add in clutter and make the rooms feel overdone.

Creating a beautiful home can be as easy as following these steps and many more. However, if you are in need of professional help, feel free to get in touch with our team.


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