This type of design is all about making your home warm, calm and simple. Even though most people go for this style during the winter season, it in undoubtedly one that can also work all year round. Here is a few tips on how to incorporate hygge into your abode.

  1. Go for a neutral color pallet- Since the main aim here is to make the house feel peaceful and relaxing, it would be best to stay away from bright hues. This is because pops of color might become distracting and overwhelm the space. Instead, pick neutral ones such as light grays, browns and creams.
  2. Make it cozier with lights- This doesn’t mean hanging chandeliers as this might be too much. Go instead for candles and cute lamps that give off a homely mood. If you are looking for something more decorative, then place some fairy lights here and there.
  3. Use natural elements- Look for ways to make you feel closer to nature while you are indoors. Bring in wooden floors and fixtures that also help to brighten the place.
  4. Add items that contribute to the warm feeling- This can be by having heavy knit throws, putting in a fire place, or even investing in furniture that is comfortable to sit and snuggle up on.
  5. Less is more- Comfort overrides style in this type of design, so pick out a few pieces that brings this concept to life. However, be careful not to bring in too much as the place will only end up feeling cluttered instead of warm and homely.
  6. Texturize with throw pillows-As well as making the place warm, it also adds a bit of character into the house. Use soft ones and place them all around.
  7. Have a spa like bathroom-Your bathroom doesn’t only have to be a place for a quick shower, it can also provide a sanctuary for relaxation. Simple things such as placing a plush rug or getting mildly scented candles will do the trick.

Remember the plan is to come up with décor that is homely, warm and simple. For more ideas on how to go about this, get in touch with our team.


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