Sometimes we may feel that it is time for a change in our houses, or it could be that one is moving to a new place and is thinking of how they will décor it. While interior decoration sounds like something that will require a lot of cash, there are plenty of ways to go about it for cheap. Here are some ideas that you can use to help you save.

  1. Install floating shelves- If you are looking for somewhere to place items like books or coffee mugs, then floating shelves are a cute and cost-efficient alternative. The great thing with this is that one can have them made to suit the overall design of the house.
  2. Get removable wallpaper- This comes especially in handy if you are living in a rental apartment because temporary ones may be hard to remove. If it is for your own home, it can be a cheap way to bring in color as getting the walls painted could be expensive.
  3. Place rugs on the floor- These are a great and cost effective way to add warmth, color and texture to the abode. Apart from that, rugs also help to protect the floors.
  4. Shop at vintage stores- Antique shops have plenty of unique items that will make the space feel welcoming and interesting. It will also make your home a little different from all the others that have objects from common outlets as well as save you a pretty penny.
  5. Multipurpose furniture- You may want to get a couch and a bed, but you can only afford one of those. So, the next best (and cost friendly) thing to do is to get one that can function as both.
  6. Get a mirror-To make the place feel bigger and more open, getting a floor length mirror could be your cheapest option. You can find one on craigslist or at a local hardware store.
  7. Ask for hand me downs- Talk to your family and friends about what sort of items you are looking for. You’d be surprised how many things you end up getting from them for free.


Sprucing up your abode doesn’t have to cause you anxiety because of costs. There are plenty more ways to decorate for cheap.


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