One way to personalize your home is to have a wall gallery. There are various ways to put up art pieces or framed pictures. These ideas will help you choose a style that best reflects your personality.

  1. Symmetrical- This is a layout that appeals to people that love clean lines. It is ideal for people who love order and predictability. It creates a conventional look ideal for both modern and traditional rooms. The spacing between the artwork must all be equal.
  2. Corner- Works well for rooms with limited spacing. You can arrange them at different heights. It brings a bland wall to life.
  3. Top-down approach- This layout had a definite line at the top. It would do well with a blend of blacks and whites, drawings and diverse prints.
  4. Lean- Art does not always have to be on a wall. A shelf that is low and long will do just fine. It is more casual. Opt for artwork of different sizes with a mixture of textures in your preferred color scheme.
  5. Horizontal or vertical split- It gives one the freedom to build on your collections in the future. It is a well-balanced design giving you leeway to add on at the top or bottom.
  6. Random- Just like the symmetrical layout, a random arrangement is challenging because it requires careful planning. It may look like there is no order to the artwork, but in reality, a lot of thought goes into it.
  7. Mix and match-A gallery wall can be more than just artwork. You can have an inspirational quote framed up in a huge font. It works well because one can easily change up the pieces. It also allows one to add on to their collection. Hang some greenery or wall plates next to the pieces to fill in the blank spaces.

These ideas should help you find the best layout for your space and also one that reveals your style more. For any further queries or assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.


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