affordable interior designers near me

affordable interior designers near me

Best Affordable Interior Designers Near Me

As a decorating enthusiast, one of the most common questions I’m asked by friends in nesting mode is “Where can I find an affordable interior designers for my home?” It’s fairly easy to answer: flea markets or go online and search for cheap interior designers . The second-most common question always throws me for a loop: “What’s the cost of an interior designer?

What to consider when looking for a affordable interior designer

If you plan to hire an interior designer,you can set your budget for furniture and décor at basically any number you’re comfortable with, but the bill for your design services can easily and quickly rack up, and it can vary greatly.

All designers work differently. Some charge an hourly rate (anywhere from $100 to $500 per hour is common), a flat fee (several thousand dollars to as high as five figures), or a percentage of the project costs. The common thread: Those fees are above and beyond the cost of the products you purchase.


The industry is changing, however, thanks to a select few online platforms that are making interior design more affordable and transparent—and still profitable for designers such as Decorill.

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Decorill - Affordable Interior Designers Near You

With flat-rate packages starting at $449, Decorill is one of the pricier options of the bunch, but its services are the most robust: The packages include multiple design proposals by two top interior designers, plus 3D renderings, itemized shopping lists to exact products, furnishings, and paint color recommendations.


Rates are based on the room to be designed (choose from patio, home office, nursery, and nine other options) and the designer’s experience level (Bronze, Silver, or Gold). Clients seeking a more customized experience can opt for hourly rates ($75–$500/hr).

Have your Room Designed

We offer the best professional interior design services to suite your room design needs.

Everybody would love a beautifully decorated home. But money is a limited resource and it’s easy to start thinking you just don’t have the budget to make your home shine. Well, that’s not true and we’re here to prove it! In this post, we’ve collected 15 affordable interior design tips that will guide you in achieving a stunning style without breaking the bank.

If you want someone to help you bring your ideas and thoughts to reality don’t miss our round-up of the best affordable interior designers throughout the country for more interior design help.