As a hub for the best when it comes to food, fashion, décor, and more, New York City also boasts of being a place where one can find some of the world’s most talented interior designers. Sometimes we want to switch up our homes but have no idea where to start, so, why not get the professionals to do it for you? Here is a list of the city’s top ten interior designers the fit the bill.

Best Interior Design Blogs –

  1. Alan Tanskley, INC. –If you are interested in a space that is sophisticated and yet relaxing, then Alan Tanskley is the person to get in touch with. For a look at his work, take a look at publications such as Architectural Design, House & Garden and Elle Décor where he has been featured numerously.
  2. Decorill- For a person who is looking to have their space decorated in a way that is both practical to suit their busy New York life, yet polished and simple, then Decorill is the place to turn to.
  3. Brad Ford- High end elegance comes effortlessly when Mr.Ford is designing. With his unique ability to use light, color and balance to bring out a soulful yet modern atmosphere, pared with his use of high quality materials, you can be sure of a space that oozes class.
  4. Thomas O’Brien- Looking for a warm space with a bit of modern pieces and vintage ones seamlessly blended into the design? Then look no further than Aero Studios, of which Thomas O’Brien is the owner.
  5. Kati Curtis- In recent years, there has been a rise in the need to keep everything we do eco-friendly, and the interior design industry has not been left behind. Kati Curtis has found a way to use eco-friendly ways to make modern yet sustainable designs that are also stylish and luxurious.
  6. Dan Fink- If you are interested in history and art, and are looking for ways to incorporate this into your modern space, then Dan Fink Studio is the one for you. The company prides itself in its ability to work on interior designs that are both classic and modern.
  7. Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida- With a background in architecture, and a furniture line, Joyce Tranchida has quite the taste when it comes to creating functional and beautiful small space interior designs.
  8. Victoria Hagan- For individuals who are drawn to high quality materials and sophisticated color deigns and schemes; Hagan’s firm is the right pick. With over twenty years in the game, one can be assured of a job well done.
  9. Joe Nahem- With materials sourced from all parts of the world including South Africa and Switzerland, Joe Nahem offers pieces and spaces that will make your home feel like a place of elegance and luxury.
  10. Muriel Brandolini- With a heritage that incorporates French, Venezuelan and Vietnamese decent, Muriel has the unique ability to create designs that are not only vibrant when it comes to color, but are also filled with lots of culture.

Still lost on where to begin when it comes to interior décor? Get in touch with our company and our team of experts will be there to help you figure it out.

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