This type of design first came to be in the mid-20th century and is all about having homes that are clean, have crisp lines and come with simple color pallets. It is also known to incorporate minimalistic designs, doing away with too much clutter and using natural materials. In case you are looking to incorporate this type of design into your home, here are the characteristics that should guide you.

  1. Picking the right colors- The most popular hue with this style is white, with black being splashed here and there. Additionally, designers also play with primary colors such as yellow, red and blue to add in subtle pops of color like say with the rugs, cushions or curtains.
  2. Bringing in the furniture- Modern décor has a lot of metal fixtures (these can have white or black lacquer-finish). Another thing about the furniture in these looks is that they stand out and bring in elements such as glass tables or stainless steel finishes.
  3. Stick to white walls- Apart from the inner décor, another characteristic of modern styles is that the walls of the house are usually painted white. However, some individuals may find the hue too monotonous. For this, one can pick one wall and have it painted a different color.
  4. Flooring- For modern looks, designers favor granite, concrete or wood when it comes to the floors. Some make an exception for carpets, but only if they are monochrome, or have patterns that stand out. Nonetheless, be careful not to put too many rugs as this changes the setup from a modern one to an oriental one.
  5. Windows- Covered windows are not the go to here. Because a lot of light need to come into the rooms, people either leave the windows be, or have transparent curtains if they are in need of more privacy.


There you have it, a few ways that can help you realize if a look is modern or not. Just in case you are looking for more help, reach out to our able team.

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