There are lots of fantastic way to decorate a small bedroom, even though it may seem like you need to have a lot of pieces to make the space stand out. Here are a couple of tips on how to go about it.

  1. Use bright colors- White is the best because it brightens up the room, making it look bigger than it is. If you feel like it might be too boring, play around with different textures and patterns to add more life.
  2. Make use of all the surfaces- It might be hard to find places to place things in your small bedroom especially if the bed takes up all the space. The good thing is that even a windowsill can be used to place a few things.
  3. Think of vertical space- Install shelves going upward to make use of the vertical space. Here, you can put books, clothes, and even other beautiful and sentimental pieces.
  4. Get a platform bed- The biggest challenge with having a small bedroom is storage. So, for extra room, get a platform bed that comes with dressers underneath.
  5. Push the bed against the corner- This helps to make the most use of floor space while still making the place feel cozy. For a little extra style, one can install a two headboard corner system.
  6. Get multi- purpose furniture- You don’t have to pick either having a dresser or a nightstand while you can get one that can be both. If there is only room for one thing, get something that has several uses.
  7. Add pops of color- Don’t be afraid to accessorize a little just to make the place lively. You can do this by getting a beautiful rug, or wallpapering a small section of the room.
  8. Mirrors- A good way to make the place bigger is to bring in mirrors. Place them in a way that reflects the natural light, and watch the space change drastically.

Small bedrooms can be stylish and cozy. If you need further assistance, give us a call.

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