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decorating a studio 2020-Decorill

Living in a studio apartment means you’re faced with a singular task: Transform one room into a bedroom, kitchen, office, living room, and possibly more. And do so without adding too much clutter or the eye (and the resident) will go nuts. Decorill studio apartment ideas and tips below will not only make it easier to live in one room, but also stylish. Find inspiration in the examples below and get ready to turn your teeny tiny abode into a palace.

Use a Bookshelf as a Room Divider

With the openness of a studio apartment, sometimes it’s hard to establish a defined floor plan. A great way to do this is to carve out an area in your studio with a large piece of furniture like a bookshelf. In this example from Decorill, they’re using a tall shelf to block off some space for a home office.

Turn Your Bed Into a Daybed

If you’re short on space, you can turn your bed into a daybed. This would allow you to use your bed as a couch during the day to create extra seating options in your studio. You can simply create your own daybed at decorill, by placing your twin or double bed against the wall and using large throw pillows to create a couch-like look.

Designate an Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall in a small studio is a great way to create some visual interest. In this example from decorill, they used a bold, abstract wallpaper to define the space in the bedroom. The accent wall serves as a giant piece of art.

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