Most people only consider this space when the festive period nears and it is time to host, or when it is time to have guests over for a meal. This does not mean that the space shouldn’t look good even on a normal day. If you are looking for ways to spruce it up, here is a list of several.

  1. Start at the top- Folks rarely think of the ceiling, even though it is just as important as the floor. If your abode has high ceilings, and you are thinking of making the dining room feel warmer, you could bring in a dark feature such as a stained wood slat. However, avoid doing this for low ones as it make the place look too small.
  2. Add a rug- Since the table is almost always the main focus of the room, bring in a little character and warmth by having a rug. See to it that it is a bit wider than the table on each side, so that the seats can move in and out without folding the rug.
  3. Traditional look-For anyone thinking of a traditional style, then the way to decorate the room is to make it look formal by going for proper tableware, installing pendant lights to illuminate it and picking out a showpiece that stands out.
  4. Liven it up- Instead of keeping the same design of chairs, get two different silhouettes but keep them in the same color. Not only is this distinctive, it helps the room look fascinating.
  5. Monochrome- For a contemporary look, go for a monochrome style as it brings out a sleek, chic and eye catching. One could pick the classic black and white, or go for hues of grey.
  6. Brighten with many lights-Install several lights in the dining room will make it look beautiful, as well as ensuring that light is spread evenly throughout the room, as opposed to having it come from one place.
  7. Color- If you are searching for a way to bring in a bold and intriguing statement, then you could do this with the dining room. A pop of color will help the area stand out from the rest of the home.
  8. Art-Show off art by hanging them in the dining room. It will bring in a creative vibe and cover the basic walls. However, think of the size of the space, and go with the pieces that won’t be too overwhelming.


If you have any more questions, reach out to our team of interior decorators.

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