It doesn’t matter if you are going for a minimal look, or want to make a statement, there are very many different ways to decorate your hallway. This is essentially the first thing guests see when they walk in, so you will want it to show off your style. Below are some tips on how to make the hallway look inviting.

  1. Have a gallery wall- Instead of leaving the walls of the corridor blank, why don’t you have a gallery wall instead? One can hang some family portraits or a couple of paintings. Whatever your choice is, have the frames made in a single color so that the hallway looks put together.
  2. Look for a pattern-Go for anything with bright hues and distinctive patterns. If you do not want to commit to it and have it painted, you could always use wallpaper instead. However, if the hallway is narrow, a punchy design could make it seem too busy, so go for a one tone one.
  3. Place a runner rug- These are normally long enough to cover the length of the space, but slim enough that they are not wall-to-wall. They can also come in handy if the floors of the house are a little slippery. Additionally, they bring in a feeling of coziness which makes the hallway just as warm as the rest of the house.
  4. Use it as a space to bring in more color- Sometimes one could be thinking about adding a bit more of a pop of color in the home. Since the hallway is a small part, you could use this space to do just that and play around with different designs.
  5. Bring in contrasting colors- This can be a super way to add in some depth especially through spreading dark hues in the middle of a lighter scheme. However, if you are worried about the dark colors being too much, add in some spotlights.
  6. Add in some furniture-These can also serve as storage spaces as well, for example a small console table or a tilt-out unit.
  7. Bring in plants- You can place them on a bench or even on shelves. Get ones that do not require too much attention so that they do not end up dying when you forget to water them.


Even though hallways are limited in space, it does not mean that they are hard to decorate. In case you need more ideas, get in touch with our team.

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