How to decorate a room with pink walls


Pink is a color that is perpetually associated with femininity, much like blue tends to become the color of all things masculine in the world of interior design. Some believe that this stereotyping is just one big marketing gimmick, others point to growing scientific evidence that says women are naturally programmed to love redder shades of blue while men love those in the green-blue spectrum.

Lets us help you decorate your room with easy.

No matter which approach you take to the issue, pink is generally linked with all things delicate and wonderful. But it is not just a color for the feminine bedroom or girls’ nursery, as we take a look today at fabulous pink living rooms.

From shades of pink that gravitate more towards the purple end of the color spectrum to those that are light enough to blend in with some yellowish hues, pink comes in so many different versions that it leaves you spellbound. While the popular packaging in media is all about shades that are close to one single hue, explore the many different options carefully before you settle on one.

The likes of Coral crush and pastel pink interior can replace white in the living and create a backdrop that is sufficiently neutral and yet engaging and glamorous. Hotter hues like Pink Corsage are best used in moderation with a dash of class!

Modern Living Spaces with Pink Walls

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