There are several advantages to having natural light in the home, including having that feel-good feeling when the sun rays penetrate a room; saving costs on artificial lighting and making rooms feel brighter.

The tips given below will help to achieve just that.

  1. Incorporate mirrors and shiny objects- Mirrors are known to make a room appear bigger but an additional tip is to place one right opposite a window. It will reflect light back. Other items with a shiny or reflective surface will have the same effect as mirrors. You can also buy furniture with glass or mirrored accents.
  2. Go for lighter colored walls- Paint the walls using bright colors or shades of white as opposed to dark ones, since they will reflect natural light instead of absorbing it. Stay clear of overly white walls as they may feel cold, and instead choose off-white tones. Choose satin over matt finishes.
  3. Paint the eaves white- The overhangs of the roof reflect light into the home. Painting them white will definitely increase the natural light in any room. They do not have to match the color of the exterior walls because they face inward, therefore they will nor ruin the curb appeal.
  4. Choose your drapery well- sheer drapes with rings are easy to open hence allowing light to come into the room. Venetian blinds will also work well as you can control how much light comes in and also angle them to focus the light at a particular area.
  5. Clean the windows- this may sound absurd, but clean windows reflect light better. If they are dirty, the light will be filtered through all the dirt before getting into the home. Wash them when it is not too hot so that you do not leave streaks.
  6. Trim overhanging greenery- If there are any trees near your home, make sure you trim them to avoid them blocking light.
  7. Add skylights- they not only save you money since you will use less artificial light, but they also bring in warmth into the room. Skylights are best suited for dimly lit rooms like bathrooms.

These are some ways to brighten up your home and make your rooms warmer and cozier. If you need help with any of these ideas, our team is ready to assist you.

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