How to furnish an L shaped living room

How to furnish an L shaped living room

How to furnish an l shaped living room.

Designing L-shaped living room can be a big challenge, as much to organize the furniture as well as decorating and making the best use of the space. But don’t let that discourage you. You can make the most of your living room and enjoy it too.That is the reason we are here to help you.

On our blog post , you’ll find some suggestions to make the design of your living room functional and fit in with your tastes in decor and color.

Must see Suggestions for organizing an L-shaped living room

If you have an L-shaped living room you don’t need to feel bored about the whole process of decorating it . Your Living  room has a lot of potential! And you’ll also have the upper hand of being able to combine the dining and living areas in the same room, if you can be able organize it well. Note some of the following suggestions:

1.You must pay attention to lighting.

Note this is extremely important, since any deficiencies in natural light can be responsible for a poor living room design. It won’t matter how well you decorate, if the room is in some sort of darkness it won’t look its best.

If you have a living room with big picture windows, make the most of them.

The main question can be how? Use light and semi transparent curtains that let light in all day. The room will seem much bigger.

What if you don’t have big picture windows, or if the living room doesn’t get much sun during the day? In that case, you will need to look for a way of using artificial light to make up for the lack of natural light.

That doesn’t mean you have to put lamps everywhere. You should, however, place some lamps in strategic locations, such as on the dining table or beside the sofa.

natural light in living room

2. You can Choose an L-shaped sofa

With an L-shaped living room, you should think of everything in L shapes. That includes buying a sofa in this shape as well. It will adapt perfectly to the feel of the room. Also, these sofas are very comfortable and will allow you to have the space to entertain many guests at a time or even lie down full length to watch TV in the evening.

3. You can find a Place for Everything

To stick to our original goal of having everything L-shaped, you should think about this letter to determine in which part of the living room you place your dining table and the sofa. This will depend on your likes and activities.

For example, if you have a big family that eat dinner together every night, or if you like to invite friends over every weekend to enjoy your gastronomic delights, we recommend you place the dining table in the largest part of the living room.

You can differentiate between the two sections of the room in different specific ways. Try using different tiles on the floor, a rug where the sofa is located.

4.What if i want to separate the rooms

What if you don’t want your L-shaped living room to be open? Or if you want to separate the sofa area from the dining room part? You always have the possibility of adding some kind of physical division such as curtains, glass, bookshelf etc. This doesn’t mean you have to construct a wall. There are other alternatives that exist so that each part of the L is separate.

For example, some people choose to put up a partition made of frosted glass, and others go for a timber folding screen (or an oriental style screen). You could even opt for decorative wooden cubes that form a pyramid shape. These can be useful both for decorating and for separating the two parts of the room at the same time.

With all this said, we have a team of professional interior designers who can help you arrange or furnish your L shaped living room with easy.

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