How to remodel a house step by step

How to remodel a house step by step

Remodel a House With Easy

Starting a home renovation can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t completed one before. Whatever the project, your remodel will involve so many details it can easily become daunting.

Use these steps and tips for planning a home remodel to choose how to order, prioritize and build a detailed home project plan that will help reduce your stress level while keeping you on budget and on schedule.

1. Build a Detailed Home Improvement Project Plan

The first step in a remodeling a house is to develop a plan that clearly states the goal for your renovation and includes designing inspiration and an outline of the work that needs to be completed.

Your project plan should also include:

  • Blueprints or sketches of your finished project.
  • A list of needs and wants for your project.
  • Project steps divided into DIY steps and steps that will require a professional.

At this point in planning a home renovation, investigate local zoning regulations and permits. Make sure your neighborhood is zoned for your remodel (some renovations like garage conversions are not allowed everywhere) and find out if you’ll need a permit. If you are completing a project that will change the structure of your home or the use of a room, you will most likely need a permit. Wait to apply for permits until you’ve hired a team and built a project timeline.

When to Start: 6 to 12 months before you’d like to start your project

2. Set a Project Budget

The next step when planning to remodel a house is to determine your budget and financing. Your budget should include the costs for permits and building materials, labor costs and the cost of decorations or cosmetic touches.

To build your budget:

  • Decide how much you want to spend and finalize financing. Set aside at least 10% of your budget for unexpected costs.
  • Request cost estimates from professionals.
  • Price out all required materials.

If your cost estimates do not fit in your budget, use your home improvement project plan from step one to eliminate project elements that are a lower priority. Request cost estimates from multiple contractors to find the best option for your budget.

When to Start: 3 to 6 months before starting your project

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3. Hire Interior Design Contractors

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4. Plan for Problems When Renovating

Even the most detailed home remodeling plans go awry. Don’t let it get you down. Be prepared for delays and issues by setting aside a chunk of your budget for unforeseen costs and allotting a few extra days in your project timeline. This will prevent stress and overspending during the renovation and will help you stick to your plan in the end.

Carpeting, laminate, tile, and any remaining flooring should be the last step of the remodel process.

how to remodel a house step by step

Congratulations! You did it!

Now, it’s time to move in furniture, decor, appliances, and all the stuff that helps make your house a home.

Use carts and drop cloths to avoid damaging your newly remodeled home as you bring items inside.

Then, kick your feet up and enjoy your new space!

This is how to remodel a house, hope you enjoyed our remodelling tips.