One might think that color picking is only something that can be done by professionals. The truth is that there are lots of virtual tools that can assist amateur decorators to do just that. These tools get data from varied places, but the two common categories are color generators and color viewers.

If you are looking for help picking out shades and palettes, then the generators are the onestouse. All onehas to do is put in your preferences, and it will pick out a pallet for you from the color wheel. Alternatively, one can upload a picture and it will work from the tints that are in it. Here is a list of several generators to use.

  1. ColorSnap- Here, one can put up a pic and the tool will come up with a custom palette, that also incorporate Sherwin-Williams (the creator of the app) paint hues. What people like most about this is the fact that one can save their own palettes to use later, and there is a wide range of paints.
  2. Visualize Color-If you have tried multiple online tools but you find them difficult to use, then this one by Glidden paints is the best for you. With a very user-friendly look, it takes an uploaded picture of the house or a sample image that is already on the site. One can then virtually paint a room or come up with a palette, save the final look offline and then go paint shopping with it as a guide.
  3. Colormind- Sometimes you have no idea where to start, or which color schemes you want to use, and this is where Colormind comes in. There are pre-made palettes that can help you have an idea of which way to go.
  4. COLORLovers- Apart from providing a tool to aid with coming up with palettes and patterns, this app also helps you connect with other people who are interested in interior décor. From this, you can get lots of ideas and chose the best one for you.
  5. Color Scheme Designer- All one has to do here is spin the color wheel to get ideas. If you are thinking of a monochrome scheme, this is also the got to.

It might seem like a lot of work, but with the above tools, picking out color schemes will be a breeze. Get in touch with our team for further assistance.

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