This is characterized by neat lines, smooth edges and the preference of varied supplies. Even though it lasted from the mid nineteen thirties to mid-sixties, the timelessness of the designs makes it a favorite for people even in today’s time. Additionally, it provides a fresh and retro look, while still making the space feel comfortable and beautiful. There are lots of reasons why people go for Mid-century some of them being:

  • It is a way to bring in vintage styles into the house without making it look too overdone.
  • Coming up with these types of designs is a fun and an amazing way to spruce up small spaces as well.
  • Even though the elements look stunning, they are also very practical and have to be easy to get and long lasting.
  • One gets the opportunity to play around with their creativity as this look is not as limiting as minimalism or traditional interior design.

All the above sounds great. So once you have decided that this is the look you want to achieve, here are some tips on how you can go about it.

  1. Use natural elements- This can be everything from wood panels to untouched brick walls and anything else that helps to bring the outside in. Apart from that, one can also bring in materials such as metal, glass, vinyl and plywood.
  2. Color- When it comes to the hues, one can have white and pale neutrals with splashes of bold hues here and there. This blend makes the space feel more expensive and luxurious.
  3. Bring in some character- A good way to do this is to use non concrete prints and patterns. To keep them authentically mid-century, see to it that any art you put in does not have any cultural connotations, but can instead be related to the arts of that era.
  4. Big windows-This was a major part of the overall design and the best thing about these windows is that they bring in plenty of natural illumination.
  5. Lights- With this design. Lights are placed hanging as opposed to being fixed to the walls as this makes it look more artistic. Additionally, having lots of lamps is also a good thing, whether it is floor or table ones.

Mid-century design is the go to for a lot of people, and it is also not a complicated design. However, if you need further assistance, get in touch with our team of expert designers.

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