When people hear about embracing minimalism, the first thing that comes into mind is the clean white décor and plain art. However, the biggest thing about this type of design is that it encourages having less items and doing away with clutter. Here are some more ideas on how one can pull this off.

  1. Pay attention to scale- Minimalism comes very much in handy when it comes to small rooms. With this in mind, have décor that makes use of the available space suitably, in a way that is functional, yet still stylish.
  2. Declutter the pace- Go through all your belongings and pick out what you no longer have any use for. These items can be donated to charity, given to friends and family, or even sold in yard sales or online to make an extra buck.
  3. Bring in the outdoors- This can be as simple as adding in a few plants. Apart from uplifting the overall look, greenery helps the place feel clean and fresh. It can also be a fun element by putting them in cute vases and jars.
  4. Use white paint- White makes the place have a calming effect. This is because when there are too many colors in play, the room ends up looking noisy.
  5. Play around with textures-Even though the plan is to use white, it doesn’t mean that the décor has to be boring. To liven it up, one could add in different shapes and textures.
  6. Show off you style- You don’t have to give up your favorite pieces just because you are going for a minimalist look. Have one thing that you love, and look for a way to incorporate it into the final outcome.
  7. Have a set idea- Every item in the room should work well together, so as you put things into perspective, come up with a proper design and color scheme that will work for everything.


Keep in mind that being minimal means being simple. Get in touch with our team of qualified designers for more tips.

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