In recent times, employers have realized that businesses are a lot more than just the work that goes on. Creating a space that makes people comfortable and looks great also contributes to work flowing seamlessly. Getting your office interior designed and decorated may sound like too much work that will require a lot of money, but the truth is, all this can be done without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how.

  1. Figure out the use of the space- It is important to first sit down and know exactly what you are looking to achieve with this. It could be anything from needing more meeting rooms to requiring more light in the office. Whatever your needs are, have them known before you start on anything.
  2. Go for an open plan setup- This cuts down on the number of individual offices that will need to be worked on, therefore reducing the amount of money that will be used. This is because an open plan will only necessitate one common look, rather than may different ones.
  3. Bring in artificial plants- Taking care of real plants in an office could be too much work, so why not of adding in some artificial ones? Apart from sprucing up the look of the place, they also make people feel close to nature.
  4. Add in something personalized- You just don’t want a squeaky clean and neat place that feels cold, you also want it to have some personality. This can be as cheap as having the company’s logo written beautifully on a wall, or placing vintage and handmade accessories here and there.
  5. Don’t just settle for one provider- This is especially so for the furniture. Get chairs, desks and other materials from different places as it can be cheaper to mix it up than to get everything from one place. With this, you find that you can easily bring together both high and low end designs.
  6. Look for items that can be refurbished instead of replaced- Sometimes all an item needs to look and feel new is a fresh coat of paint. This helps you stick to the budget, as you won’t end up buying other items while the ones already in the office are still good enough.


These are just but a few ways that can help you save while making your office space look good. For more ideas, get in touch with our team of professional interior designers.

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