5 Design Essentials For Your Outdoor Living Space

5 Design Essentials For Your Outdoor Living Space

5 Design Essentials For Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you have a yard, patio, or porch? Then you, my friend, deserve to enjoy your outdoor living space. What you do with it will determine just how hospitable it can be. Decorating your outdoor living space can become just as much of a labor of love as it is with any space on the inside of your home. Choosing a theme, finding all of the right pieces, sales, and prices and putting the final touches on it once everything comes together is a lot to consider.

Wondering where to start with your patio design ideas? We asked our best online interior designers for their tips and tricks so read on to see their top 5 Outdoor Living Essentials to create your perfect oasis

1. Incorporate Natural Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water


A fireplace or fire pit creates light and warmth. It’s a gathering place and let’s be honest, somewhere to roast marshmallows. It can be used all year long, and it is a wonderful place to double as your sitting area. Place a group of chairs and a sofa in front of or around the fire for an instant focal point in your outdoor living area. Torches used to light a path or the perimeters in your yard are also a great way to incorporate fire. For more discreet ways to add the fire element to your yard, include decorative lanterns in your decor and mini table-top fire pits on your outdoor coffee and dining tables.


If you live in a very hot and humid location, you probably already have fans outside. Another way to experience the natural air element is to add features that will move with the wind. Wind chimes are a beautiful addition in your yard, on trees, and on porches. If the sound of a wind chime is not your preference, decorative spinners silently show the movement of the wind.


Outdoor rooms are already surrounded by plants and nature on most sides, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add more! Hanging plants, potted trees, or a decorative herb garden bring even more life into your outdoor living room.


Water features such as fountains built into walls provide a spot for tranquility and peace. Listening to the water stream through the feature is like listening to a very calming song. Small water features are good for a sitting area between two chairs. Large water features can be the focal point in a larger sitting area. A small pond with koi fish is another way to incorporate water and pets!

2. Defined Outdoor Living Spaces

“In that corner, we have the chair. Over there, is a pool. This way, you’ll find a random plant.” Is your outdoor space well-defined, or is it haphazardly thrown together with no overall vision? You can divide your outdoor space to have different areas for different purposes. If your backyard is modestly sized, a grouping of seats around a fire pit is a great way to define a space. When searching for Patio Design Ideas make note of unique ways to arrange outdoor furniture for the best conversation setting.

For a spacious lawn, several smaller spaces can be defined throughout the yard. How does a backyard with a fireplace sitting area, breakfast nook, dining table, and reading nook sound? If your feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, consider online patio design. Without even having anyone come out to your home you can have 3D renderings of what your new outdoor living space will look like before making any purchases.

3. Outdoor Living Sitting Area

Your sitting area on the outside of your home can be much like any that you would find on the inside. A comfortable area where people congregate, relax, is the heart of most rooms. Turn the space into an outdoor lounge with a grouping of sofas, chairs, swings or rockers that all focus or center around one point.

4.Covers and Shade

Protection from the sun is one of those obvious outdoor living ideas, however, it can be accomplished in a myriad of ways. Screens and retractable shades attached to porches not only provide shade, but they can protect from insects and create a defined, enclosed space. A pergola with vines growing across the top serves as a beautiful feature while also blocking out some of the sun.

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