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Bedroom interior

DateJanuary 2015
LocationRoma, Italia
ClientHilton Hoel
Project Description

My elderly mother is moving into a studio apartment in assisted living. We would like some help decorating the studio space and small kitchenette. She has a few items (prints, vases she painted herself, and a red clock) that are very dear to her. They aren’t the most amazing pieces, but they have sentimental value and make her feel that she is somewhere familiar.

Her favorite color is red. She likes happy colors and simple furniture lines. We did the quiz, but it didn’t quite reflect her style. Also, she is elderly so safety is important. Little clutter is a good idea.

Hi Sonia and Cammy, I had SO much fun creating this for you:) Cammy I LOVE all of your collected items! Most of what you have, has reds and yellows, so I created my design using the red with POPs of yellow and of course some mixed wood accents. This will give you the Eclectic vibe you are wanting:) I did find a small round dining table , which is 30″ and these chairs, in the yellow:) I did keep in mind the need for arms, with all seating pieces. I also found a very cool writing desk with a chair, so you can sit and do your bills, write notes, etc. I would mount the TV on the wall:) I hope you love the red chairs , as much as I do, they do have arms and look very comfortable. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask away:) I hope we can continue this dance:) Its been a pleasure, ~Catz



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