Even though decorating is something that should be inspired by one’s personal tastes, there are certain principles that one should follow so that everything can fall together perfectly. Here are some of them.

  1. Balance- This is about the ways in which items in a room are distributed in a way that brings about graphical balance. This is usually done in three ways:
  2. Symmetrical/formal- Such evenness is when the area is evenly split into two sides that are equal.
  3. Asymmetrical- For this, lines colors and textured are balanced without having to look the same as is not as sequenced as above.
  4. Radial- Here, one picks out a central item, like a table, and then everything else is arranged around it.
  5. Unity- When it comes to this principle, the main idea is to see to it that there is synchronization among all the other guidelines, with all the elements complimenting each other with an effortlessshift from one to the other.
  6. Repetition- Repeating certain things such as color, shapes or textures plays a big part in tying everything together. A space can easily look confused if things are mismatched. In case you are wondering how to create this, paint, carpet and wallpaper are a good place to start.
  7. Scale- In basic language, this is when objects placed in a space create a sense and look like they belong together. This means that if a room is small, do not go and place huge furniture as it will look out of place.
  8. Details- These are the small noticeable thing that stand out when someone walks into a room. This could be anything from pillows, a lamp, or a piece of art that also shows off tour personality.
  9. Emphasis- There is always something in a setting that acts as the focal point. The other things like patterns and color are used to enhance this and help the piece stand out.
  10. Contrast- This is brought about by getting together different elements creating a sense of drama. Nonetheless, the use of contrast should be done sparingly to avoid overdoing it.

Creating a beautiful interior might not sound easy, but by following these principles, the job will be half done.

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