A floor plan is a diagram of a room of a building showing how it will look from the top. This is usually drawn to scale and sometimes may have measurements, furniture or anything else that might help with the design. There are different types of floor plans such as:

  • 2D Plans- This shows the picture from above and includes the walls and rooms. It being 2D means that the drawing is “flat” and doesn’t show the depth of the place.
  • 3D Plans- Unlike the one above, these types helps to show perspective and height as well. It also incorporates other details to complete the drawing.

Having a floor plan is important because it helps to put designs and ideas into perspective as well as assist the builders and interior decorators give you an accurate price. It also makes it easier to know which layouts will work when it comes to the furniture. The good thing is that with technology nowadays, these are pretty easy to create with apps and software. In case you are having trouble coming up with one, here are some tips on how to go about it.

  1. Versatile and flexible- As you decide how the rooms will look like and how things will be placed, be sure that if need be, these placements can be changed in the future. For example, one can choose to have a home office, but plan it in a way that it can also be converted into a bedroom.
  2. Ideal room layout- Plan with function in mind. For instance, keep the bedrooms on the opposite end of entertaining areas, bathrooms away from dining areas or living rooms, and if you would like to, make the kitchens open plan so that whoever is fixing the meals can also interact with the other people.
  3. Think of size-Keep in mind the number of people that will need to be in that space. Ask yourself questions like will there be enough room to move around and will the furniture be enough.
  4. Use of the space- Some people have different needs and uses of the space in their homes. It could be that you love entertaining, so obviously the living room and kitchen will be a priority.
  5. Be practical- We all want beautiful looking spaces. However when planning, do not go for over the top architectural designs which might look good, but can be a safety hazard.

All this might sound overwhelming, but with the help of an expert from our team, everything will become much easier.

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