When it comes to decorating, it is easy to misconstrue the term “modern”. Most people often confuse it with contemporary design. Modern deco leans towards using material inspired by nature, neutral colors and leaving out details that are not necessary. Modernity involves clean lines, without much fuss.

The ideas listed below will help anyone thinking of taking on modern interior designing

  1. The walls- Modernists opt for neutral walls as opposed to the use of wallpapers. Soothing shades of grey or white are more favorable both on the interior and the exterior of the home.
  2. Warmth and coziness-Select comfortable fittings. Simplicity is the way to go. Choose furniture with smooth lines with no embellishments. You can have bright colored throws and pillows to bring in some warmth.
  3. Bold colors- Use accent pieces that are daring and cheerful to make the rooms pop. You can play around with different colors. The boldness of colored accent pieces breathes new life into the room.
  4. Dramatic lighting- Add a bit of flair to your rooms by adding dramatic lighting features. It should be eye-catching and complementary to your space. Go a step further and have the artwork look like another piece of furniture in the room. For example, the metalwork can have the same geometric shapes as the legs of a bench or chair.
  5. Organization –Steer clear of clutter by having minimal furniture and basic accessories. Play around with different shapes on different furniture pieces. Add in a distinct mirror on the wall and a dramatic floor lamp.
  6. Bring the outdoors in- Open up and brighten your home with wall to wall windows, so that you can have a panoramic view of the outside while still indoors. With this kind of style, however, be sure to go with the bare minimum when it comes to seats and tables.
  7. Hang some artwork-Use art pieces that have bright colors to bounce off of the white walls. Depending on your color scheme, black and white artwork will also do justice for your space. You can opt to have one huge piece or a series of small ones, but avoid hanging up too many large ones because it will look cluttered.


Clean, modern looks do not have to be boring. In case you need assistance in designing your modern home, our team is ready to help you achieve your dream.

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