When most people thing of decorating their abodes, they almost always only think of the furniture, lighting and other details. The truth is that fabrics also play a big part in this as it helps to add color, style and personality to the place. There is no way to completely furnish a space without the use of textiles. In this line of work, textiles refers to anything that is woven or made of fabric and one can use them in elements like throw pillows, rugs, upholstery and even wall art.

There are a couple of reasons as to why fabrics matter, some of them being:

  • They help set the mood- Think of two rooms. One is covered with silk and velvet while the other in cotton and wood. Those two spaces will definitely give off different vibes when one walks in. So a major thing to consider when picking out textiles is the type of mood you are going for.
  • They tie everything together- This can be done following the color pallet you have chosen. Since the primary color will mostly be on the walls, one can pick the secondary and accent hues and get fabrics in those colors to be used.

As you work towards the above, there are other factors that should be your guide when picking out fabrics. Think of the use of the room, if it will be a common space or it will only be used once in a while, if you have children or even the type of lighting that will be there. This is to help you create a look that is functional as well as beautiful. You don’t want silk fabrics in the dining room where kids might end up soiling them.

Textiles also have some more uses in the home such as:

  1. As inspiration- We’ve established that folks only think of this at the end of everything, while in fact it should be a key component of the design plan. Textiles can be a good place to draw inspiration from when it comes to picking out which color palette to go with.
  2. To add some style- Interior designers encourage picking one color scheme and sticking to it, otherwise your space will look too busy. However, by mixing patterns in fabrics, this can add a bit of oomph to the overall look.

At the end of it, go for fabrics that are your style and make you comfortable.

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