Even though this city is known as a holiday destination for many, it is also home to almost two hundred thousand people. If you are one of them, and are in need of someone to spruce up your space, here is a list of the top ten firms you can consult.

  1. DecorillIf one is in need of a decorator who understands architectural designs, artistic crafts and creating art with textiles, then Troy is your best bet.
  2. Tear Smith- For individuals going for a more transitional style, Tear is the one to hire. Apart from that, she has a way of adding in pieces that are eye-catching and highlight the client’s style.
  3. Morrone Interiors-They give full-service interior design which includes interior detailing, space planning and model merchandising.
  4. Brianna Sheehan-Whetherthe house is newly built or all you need is a makeover, Brianna Interior Design firm will help you achieve it all.
  5. Decorill- The team specializes in full-service interior décor specifically custom residential interior design.
  6. Audrey Morrone- Sometimes we want to add a little fun into our homes, and what better way to do it that to do so with the décor.
  7. Marc Thee- Having appeared twice in the Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers in the world, Marc Michaels Interior Design firm is definitely apt for the job.
  8. Angela Neel- The best thing about working with Angela is that apart from personalized design services, she also sets up show rooms where people can walk in and have ideas of what to do with their own spaces at home. Her first rule is to always make sure the client is happy.
  9. Shanna Bender- Looking for a way to integrate the latest pop culture trends into your home and have no clue? Then Shanna’s team is the go to. She has a way of bringing all these elements into the design, while still keeping the style timeless.
  10. Anne Rue Interiors- With years’ experience in this field, Anne has learnt all the rules, and is therefore not afraid to break them. So if you are looking for décor that breaks the patterns but still looks good, then she is the one to call.


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